Real Name: Stef Dawkins

Internet Aliases: Labnaut/Disco Ninja

Affiliations: Steel Coma Tube, Undead Appreciation Society

Gamer, music enthusiast, film aficionado, avid reader of books, comics and plankton, wearer of perfect eyebrows.

I grew up watching the 1960s Batman series and Star Wars movies and at an early age I developed a loathing for eggs and a love of games. My first console was an Acetronic MPU-1000:

Fuck you Atari!

As I got older my taste for all things geeky grew in direct proportion to the distance that the opposite sex fled from my virility so I sought solace with my friends Conrad B. Hart, Paladin, Pitfall Harry, Cloud Strife, April Ryan, Gordon Freeman, Cate Archer and Raz, amongst others.

I’m the ‘part time’ gamer of the Three Flamingoes…er…’Amigos’ but i’ll kick your face off at Pokemon and any Beat ‘Em Up. I also have an aptitude for Point and Click games.

The rest of my time is spent absorbing films, listening to the sounds you earth stink call music,  finding painfully pointless crap on the interweb, staring at books and comics and avoiding any human contact.


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